Sales Training

What attracted you in your wife / husband when you first saw him / her? Why did you decide to live in the house you are living in and how come you decided to buy the car you are driving in? Every day we make many decisions and the success of a company, organization, association or whatever organized group, highly depends on how well we can persuade others to follow us or to buy our services or products.

Sales is fun and many mysteries still exist on how we make our decisions. Do we make them consciously based on facts or do we take them on feelings and emotions? Or a combination of them? BrainLight can assist your team / organization / company to unravel the drivers behind the decisions people make and change habits to become more effective in Sales and convincing stakeholders.

BrainLight based their training material on more than 10 years experience in B2B market in an international setting. Elements from Leadership and talent development programs are used to successfully change team members their habits, to ensure the way they communicate, act and inspire, improves.

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